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Browsie Vegan Brow Products


professional range of Brow Products that have been put together to provide exceptional performance and return on your investment.

Meet Browsie; Love your Brows ❤

Browsie is our new brand which includes the “best brow wax on the market” (formerly known as Pixie Wax) and now has a matching vegan hot wax. You will see our 250ml pre and after products to complement. Perfectly matching the waxes with a Jasmine scent.

You will see brow treatment accessories like our Browsie Cling Wrap and our straight and slant brushes, all are carefully chosen and tested to ensure a professional quality product.

Check out our pre cut facial waxing strips, you will love em.
More products and will be coming soon.

Browsie products sit perfectly with Elleebana Lash Lift and Brow Henna.