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Ecoclay Skincare

A hand made luxury skincare range from Slovenia. The Silica rich sun dried clay used is of the highest quality.

Clay and its characteristics have been known to human kind for a long time and the first records of its use date back to antiquity. The grey clay of Komenda in Slovenia is well known for its absorption and for the process of its extraction, which is of key importance.

More and more salons are looking for natural products and treatments to offer their clients. We found Ecoclay, loved it when we tested it and urge you to try this brilliant product.

With over 62% of Silica and containing several minerals, these products have fantastic detox characteristics, absolutely perfect as a base for so many beauty treatments.

Offer premium facials, cellulite treatments and foot treatments with Ecoclay.

Equally a brilliant retail range with excellent packaging, the products are presented in beautiful Miron Violet glass for  longevity.

A host of natural ingredients are used such as, Aloe Vera, Black Cumin, Green Tea , Horse Chestnut and Fango Clay.