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Lash and Brow

A  carefully chosen range of lash and brow products for beauty therapists, make up artists and lash and brow technicians. These sit perfectly alongside our Brow Henna, Elleebana lash lift and Belmacil tints.

You will find a selection of some of the best Lash and Brow products available in the UK. We also include our vegan friendly Pixie brow wax kit. Want more vegan products? have a look at the excellent LL & B vegan tints and our Long Lashes and Bold Brows retail products.

Last but not least the Black Lashes eyelash extension range has all you need for this ever popular treatment.

You don’t have to train with us for many of our products, although we do offer some excellent training courses at our Beauty Training Barn. All you have to be is qualified to use our professional only products and hold current beauty insurance to open an account.