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Longlashes & Boldbrows

A great retail product, vegan lash serum and a matching brow serum for your clients lashes and brows.

Longlashes is formulated and manufactured in Australia  and importantly does not contain any growth hormones.

A formulation combining science and nature provides enhancement for both your clients lashes and brows. Check out our before and after video
We have salon starter packages and excellent point of sale.

PETA certified vegan, contains no parabens, no palm oil and no gluten.

Longlashes and Boldbrows contain vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that help to stimulate, strengthen and condition the eyelashes.

Just 4 to 8 weeks is all your clients need for longer, thicker, darker looking lashes.
We often have “gift with purchases” available to help with your retail sales.

These enhancement serums can be used with eyelash extensions so a great add on to your treatment menu. We have marketing material available.

Looking for a certified vegan lash serum and a matching brow serum with no nasty growth hormones and parabens? – here you are.