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Salon Essentials

A professional range of carefully chosen salon consumables and accessories.

New brands are here such as Disicide water based sterilisation products.
We have our own best quality mascara wands, lip gloss wands and tweezers.

Many of the products come from brands such as Elleebana, Jax Wax Australia and 3M.
There are also accessories specific to our Botanicals Organic Skincare Range.

As a distributor we try to source everything we sell so that we can offer professional quality at a fair price, these accessories and disposables sit alongside our premium brands perfectly.

Our company has built a solid reputation in the UK beauty sector and these salon essentials enhance this further.

Shop with confidence and add these items to get better value with your delivery.
We hope you add microapplictors to your lash lift order, add spatulas to your wax order and put glue rings into your basket with your lash trays.

Please let us know if there is something we do not have and we will try to find it for you.

Our “Salon Essentials” page is ever expanding, so please do check this page from time to time so you can see the latest products.