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New York

A professional range of pedicure and manicure products from Voesh New York.
Firstly, a deluxe, 4 step, vegan pedicure in a box. Bring luxury customised pedicure treatments to your clients. They get to choose from your display, based on how they feel mood wise on that day. There are 8 different fragrances.
Green Tea Detox, Jasmine Soothe, Lavender Relieve  and more….

You will always be using a fresh and perfectly measured amount of product, for a luxurious treatment. Also allows for easy cost management and safer skincare.

Secondly, Paraben free Collagen gloves and socks bringing yet more innovation to manicure and pedicure treatments.
Each mask is preloaded with a collagen rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturise the skin.
For nail work simply remove the tips of each finger and toe along the perforated pre-cut lines.

No need to have: water, cuticle softener, cuticle oil, massage lotion, UV gloves or paraffin wax. Great retail items too!